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Cycling | The Best Exercise for Fat Loss

Starting a workout routine such as cycling is always tough, but can be tougher if one is overweight or “fat”.

One of the ways to get started is combine exercise and enjoyment and for this, cycling is at the top of the list when it comes to fat loss! It allows you to go places, socialise when cycling with others and stay entertained while working up a sweat. Also, it does not put pressure on your knees like jogging. Here are 10 tips to get start cycling as an overweight person.

1. Get a geared cycle

2. Wear the right clothes

3. Eat Your Way to Better Cycling

4. Get a Bike Fit Done

5. Prevent Chafing

6. Set Small Targets For Cycling

7. Be Regular

8. Reduce Impact While Cycling

9. Have a Cycling Trip to Look Forward To

10. Find the Right Group For Cycling


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